John Sankey - Roos harpsichord and MIDI files player

With this disposition you will play :

- the John Sankey's Roos harpsichord from your MIDI keyboard

- the John Sankey's MIDI records which are in a specific MIDI format (1 channel per note) and conversion MIDI messages (pitch) to use different temperaments for Bach, Byrd or Scarlatti.
This second option requires the installation of
- MIDI-YOKE  and
- a MIDI player such as vanBasco's Karaoke Player enabling the setting of MIDI Out

jOrgan version : 3.11.1

Screenshot :

vanBasco's Karaoke Player installation :

Download  :

( Revised and upgraded to jOrgan 3.11.1  2010 Dec 11)

 It contains :


About vanBasco's Karaoke Player installation :

Execute : vkaraoke.exe

NB : vanBasco's Karaoke Player, alone, can play the John Sankey's MIDI records but on a standard General MIDI harpsichord.

To play  the Roos, you will have to set the MIDI output to MIDI Yoke 1 (click the note icon in upper left corner -> Setup -> Output Device -> select "out to MIDI Yoke : 1"

To launch vanBasco's Karaoke Player directly from the jOrgan console - "GO" button -  you maybe have to rename  the  folder (in Program files) from "vanBasco's Karaoke Player" to "vanBasco" . This is due to a limitation in the executor element


John Sankey's MIDI records

    Download from :

                ("zipped files containing all my recordings by composer: Bach, Byrd and Scarlatti.")

You can create corresponding playlists in the vanBasco's Karaoke Player



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