17 Acoustic Grand Pianos

I made this disposition to compare 17 Acoustic Grand Pianos I had the soundfonts sleeping in my SF2 folder.
I thought it was very funny to compare them in a very easy way, and why not mixing them !

Damper and soft pedals, if connected and well customized, will highlight their corresponding red LED and modify the position of the cursor in the continuous control elements.


jOrgan version : 3.14

Screenshot :    2012 Sept 4

Download :  JL-A-Pianos-jO.3.14.7z  (created 2010 Dec 3 -  revised and upgraded to jOrgan 3.14  2012 Sept 4)

size :

 - zip :180 Mo

- uncompressed  448 Mo


The MIDI files  are neither live or recorded by myself.
They come from .mid files found on the web.


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