Italian Organ

With the customizer and the numerous couplers, this jOrgan disposition will give you access to all the nuances and colours of the Italian Organ and let you play the rich repertoire in a purist tradition or in a more personal manner, as well ...

(for more details, see the PDF doc)

jOrgan version : 3.11.1  (upgraded  2010 Nov 12)

Screenshot :    2010 Sept 9


Download :  (upgraded  2010 Nov 12)

Changes have been made to the only .disposition file, so those who already have this organ installed can simply drop the new .disposition file in the folder and customize again.

Extract the disposition subfolder "" into your dispositions folder.

It contains :

- the new disposition "ItalianOrgan-jO.3.11.1-FS.disposition"  (2010 Nov 12)
- the skin ""
- a .mid workfile : "Italian-wrkfil.mid" to get the Recorder immediatly available
- a .memory file : "ItalianOrganM.memory" to record your presets
- an ODT file : "ItalianOrganPresets.odt"
- the "ItalianOrganDoc.pdf"
- the .bat files to access the .pdf and .odt directly from the console buttons.

SoundfontJeux14R.sfArk  (1.55 Mo) John McCoy's Jeux 1.4 soundfont revised by Paul Stratman.  ( unless you already have it installed,  uncompress and install the .sf2 file in the disposition subfolder ) or Jeux14.SF2 3.71 Mo) if you are a Linux user.

Score      (  install all the unzipped files in the disposition subfolder )


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