Spanish Organ

The division of the manuals authorizes to play the Iberian litterature like on historic pipe organs.
The extended manuals and pedalboard, plus the "No Split" function give an access to more recent Iberian instruments.

jOrgan version : 3.14 (revised and upgraded 2012 June 6)

Screenshot    2012 June 6

Download :   SpanishOrgan-jO3.14-FS.7z (revised and upgraded 2012 June 6)

Extract the disposition subfolder "JL-SpanishOrgan-jO.3.14-FS" into your dispositions folder.

It contains :

- the new disposition : "ISpanishOrgan-jO.3.14-FS.disposition"  (2012 June 6)
- the skin : ""
- some midi files to play with the Recorder
- a .memory file : "SpanishOrgan.memory" to record your presets
- an ODT file : "SpanishOrganPresets.odt"
- the "SpanishOrganDoc.pdf"
- the .bat files to access the .pdf and .odt directly from the console buttons.
- 2 PDF scores -Cabezon (Intermedios and Tientos)  - Cabanilles (Batalla)

Soundfont :   

No changes have been made to the soundfont, so those who already have this organ installed would not download it again but just check to have it in the disposition subfolder ""

Download :  Organo Espanol.sfArk   revised   2010  Feb 6
                          (~160Mo - maybe more or less long to download)

MP3 :  Batalla.mp3  live recorded on 2010 Apr 17 during a concert 'Benefit for Haiti' in Parkland (Canada). The Cabanilles piece is interpreted by Pastor Bob Drayer on a VPO with this Spanish Organ jOrgan version 3.8.2.  (mp3 320Kb/s  - 14Mo)


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