Emulates most features of a real B3 with 2 manuals and pedalboard.

Options :

- Connection to a virtual Leslie cabinet (MrDonald) via virtual cables (MIDI YOKE and Portaudio)
- With a third keyboard  connected, the TRIO section offers a SOLO instrument in the spirit of the famous Hammond Trios.
- It is also possible to connect a virtual arranger to add  drums, bass and /or orchestral accompaniement.
- Change the standard model to B3 jazz , perso ... by changing the memory file.

jOrgan version : 3.14 (final)

Screenshot    (2011 Sep 10)

Download :

    Disposition standard : JL-HammondB3-jO.3.14.final-web.7z

( Revised and upgraded to jOrgan 3.14  2011 Sep 10)

 It contains :


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